Monday, March 21, 2011

The "witch's grave" in Truxtun Park, Annapolis, MD

According to a local legend a witch once lived in what is now Truxtun Park in Annapolis and/or was hanged in the area.
The legend also says she she is buried there.
This, of course, is widely believed to be untrue. The grave likely belongs to a Methodist, which might make the story close enough.

There does appear to be a small graveyard just on the outskirts of Truxtun Park where one crypt appears to have survived. I had to do a little searching around to find it as all the sources on the internet only give vague directions.  In case you want to visit it, here is the location on GPS is 38 57 44.03 n, 76 30 07.50 W.

Here are some pictures I took of the alleged witch's grave:

I did not do any digging on site to investigate further because I didn't have a shovel. Also, digging without permission would be illegal.


Anonymous said...

finally, somebody has good information! thanks!

Carl Tripodi II said...

I have been there on several occasions with friends. We all lived in walking distance from it and there is a night that I will never forget when I was in there on a nigh investigation. I called her out and I wish I never did. My friend got yanked into the grave while sitting on the tree and had scratch marks on his back. Plus later on that night we spent the the night over our friends house that lived in the apartments and needless to say we were followed. Before bed we heard noises and sounds and then he took a pictures and right by my head was in the TV screen was a demon head clear as day looking at me with an sinical grin on it's face. We all have never been back and have not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

It belongs to the large Colonial mansion on the hill across the street. No witches.

Anonymous said...

oh my, please don't disturb this witches grave. to other witches it could be known as a sacred place. if you dig your disturbing a spirit and that is a very bad move.